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Botvinnik-Flohr II Soviet Reproduction Chess Set

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Violet Crown Chess is proud to offer a limited run of the Botvinnik-Flohr II (BFII) Soviet Reproduction Chess Set. This is full club-size chess set featuring a 4.15" King height with a 1.6" diameter base. This set comes complete with 34 pieces including extra Queens. The chess pieces are hand-carved by our master artisans from the highest quality wood. These pieces are heavily weighted, beautifully antiqued, and completed with a glossy lacquer finish. 

This set is paired with a Barcelona Deluxe Chess Board in either Walnut or Wengue. Made in Barcelona by Rachapados Ferrer, this veneer board features 55mm squares and a square size boarder. It easily accommodates most 3.75"-4.2" Kings, making it ideal for competition or home display.

The design of this set is highly sought after by collectors and very few examples exist. The origins of the set date back to the mid-30s Soviet era. The name stems from 1935 where Mikhail Botvinnik and Salo Flohr shared first place in Moscow. This style set was used widely at the professional level, most notably seen at the Moscow International tournaments and Soviet Championships. Many world champions competed on this style set including, Lasker, Capablanca, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Spassky, and Fischer. 

The king features opposite color finials, and the rook and queen have Staunton style crenelations. The bishops lack miter cuts as the design diverges into something uniquely Soviet. The Knight is simply carved and echos the lines from the Novgorod knight from the 15th century. The ears of the knight stand upright centered over the base.


 Piece Height Base
King 4.15" (105mm) 1.6" (42mm)
Queen 3.9" (100mm) 1.5" (39mm)
Bishop 3.3" (86mm) 1.4" (37mm)
Knight 3.3" (86mm) 1.4" (37mm)
Rook 2.7" (67mm) 1.4" (37mm)
Pawn 2.4" (63mm) 1.3" (33mm)



Dark Pieces Ebonized Boxwood
Light Pieces


Finish Polished
Recommended Square Size 2.16" to 2.36" (55mm to 60mm)
Weight 2.5 lbs (1116 grams)
Extra Queens YES

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