Tournament Chess Sets

A regulation-size chess set is perfect for players looking to play with the standard chess set used for scholastic and adult chess clubs. These plastic sets have a 3.75"-4" King height fitting a 2.25” square on a 20” chessboard. They can either be weighted or solid plastic and are often patterned off a traditional Staunton set with a “French” knight. The board is typically composed of green and white squares due to its ease on the eyes during long games. Club Chess Sets are perfect for those who want to get serious about the game but are budget conscious.

Combo Sets come with everything you need to get started playing chess - a chessboard, 34 pieces including extra Queens, and even a storage bag! They're great for beginners or anyone who wants an all-in-one solution. Vinyl roll-up boards are often the default board option, but silicone and mousepad boards are also available. The carry-all storage bag also has room to store a clock!