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French Lardy Tournament Series Chess Set

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Introducing the French Lardy Tournament Series Chess Set from Violet Crown Chess, a truly stunning set that exudes elegance and class. This set includes the classic French Lardy Tournament Pieces, which have been a favorite among chess players for decades. The pieces are designed with a Staunton pattern that was made famous by the French chess set maker Lardy, who dominated the industry from the 1930s through the 1970s.

Crafted with precision and care, the French Lardy pieces are known for their stunning beauty and unmatched functionality. The Staunton pattern is easy to recognize and play with, making it a popular choice for chess players of all levels. And with a Standard Chess Board with Coordinates included, featuring 55mm squares, you'll have the perfect surface for your games.

The French Lardy Tournament Series Chess Set has been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining its elegant appearance. It's a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality set that will last for years to come.

At Violet Crown Chess, we take pride in offering the best quality chess sets on the market, and the French Lardy Series is no exception. The craftsmanship, quality, and design of this set are unmatched by any other set in its price range. Don't settle for a lesser set when you can have the French Lardy Tournament Series Chess Set – order yours today and experience the beauty and functionality of this iconic set.


Chess Pieces


King 3.7"(96 mm) 1.4"(36 mm)
Queen 3.0"(78 mm)  1.4"(36 mm)
Bishop 2.7"(70 mm)  1.2"(32 mm)
Knight 2.6"(66 mm) 1.2"(32 mm)
Rook 2.0"(52 mm) 1.2"(32 mm)
Pawn 1.8"(46 mm) 1.1"(28 mm)
Total Weight Of Chess Set 980 grams (2.2 lbs)
Dark Pieces Acacia / Ebonized Boxwood
Light Pieces Boxwood
Recommended Board Size (1.7"- 2.2")/(45 mm - 55 mm) sq.


Package Includes: 34 Pieces (2 extra queens included) and a chess board.

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