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Silicone Chess Board

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No creases with extra grip!

This board is made of silicone which is extremely durable to high temperatures. If there is a board to leave in your car it would be this one. The material is unique when compared to the vinyl standard seen in most boards and provides a nice playing surface that better connects with the table. This board meets tournament standards measuring 19 1/2" x 19 1/2" and has 2 1/4" inch squares. It works well with pieces with a King height of 3.75''. The Forest Green squares provide excellent contrast to our Quality Club Pieces and also pairs well to our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces for use in speed chess.


  • Tournament standard chess board
  • Board measures 19.5" by 19.5"
  • 2 1/4" squares
  • Clear and legible algebraic notation

This is the same board that comes with our Heavy Tournament Silicone Board Chess Set. If you are searching for an upgraded chessboard take a look at our Large Mousepad Chess Board that comes standard in our Premier Tournament Chess Set.

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