Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces - 3.75" King - Violet Crown Chess
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Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces - 3.75" King


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Our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces are just that - heavy! The entire set weighs in at about 2 pounds and has a nice weighted feel. The pieces are easy to play with and their weight makes them perfect for tournaments or blitz play.

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Product Details

With a King of 3¾" tall and a 1½" base, these pieces meet all tournament regulations. The set includes extra queens as well! If you are looking for a distinguishing set that is a step up from a basic club special chess set of pieces at a very reasonable price, then this is your set!
  • Complete set of 32 chess pieces PLUS extra Queens
  • Meet all tournament standards
  • Nice heavy weighted feel
Piece Dimensions

King: 3-3/4" High, 1-1/2" Base, 53g weight
Queen: 3" High, 1-1/2" Base, 47g weight
Bishop: 2-1/2" High, 1-1/4" Base, 27g weight
Knight: 2-1/4" High, 1-1/4" Base, 36g weight
Rook: 1-7/8" High, 1-1/4" Base, 36g weight
Pawn: 1-3/4" High, 1-1/16" Base, 15g weight

  • King Height: 3.75"
  • King Base: 1.50"
  • King Weight: 52g
  • Weighted?: Yes
  • Piece Material: Plastic
  • Extra Queens?: Yes
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